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No Intro Collection can't be downloaded on Usenet


I signed up at Newshosting from your affiliate link just to download the No Intro collection, I never had any paid account for Usenet before, with decent speed because the torrent was painfully slow.

However, I see that for some reason the download won't start... I tried multiple other nzb files from the site here and they all seem to be downloading just fine.

Can you please check and let me know how I can get this? I'm really frustrated.


EDIT: For some reason, so far only part2 got downloaded, see screenshot:


Does that mean those parts are missing and cannot be downloaded? What should I do?

It just downloaded another file: Launchbox No Intro Rom Set.vol238+13.par2

Tried both the Newshosting program and SABnzbd, same results.

Also searching for the pack at nzbindex.nl, it shows: 225 files (324990 parts, 900 missing)

So, there's clearly something wrong with the uploaded pack, any chance you can upload and update it so people can get it through Usenet?

Just a heads up , spoke to the original uploader who has confirmed its going to be reupped should be by the weekend :)

Can you please post a reply here when it's up and ready so I can get notified and start to download?

So, has it been fixed yet?