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Noob to Flashing

I was watching a youtube video on how to Flash a USB Drive with an image for playing games off emulators by booting from the USB drive. (I apologize if that sounded weird really new to this)

specifically this video

it made me think that I could flash like one of the premade image files like for raspberry pie specifically [64gb]-Great.White.North-Damaso.and.CoinJunkie


when I tried to boot the image all I got was a black screen with a blinking underscore, am I wrong for thinking this would work? Currently trying to flash the image again unto my USB drive to try again as I thought it was an issue that the USB was formated incorrectly (starting to think that it didn't matter how it was formatted)


If i'm wrong is there anywhere I can find those premade games included Image files for PC? As I'm building my first arcade cabinet (been doing alot of research) was going to use a raspberry pi 3B but after watching how easy it was in that video up above thought "Man that doesn't look too hard, I could buy a used cheap PC and it will run faster then the Pi would and I could emulate ps2 and N64 games better on it then the pi would run" mostly wanted to use a PC so I could run smash brothers better on my arcade unit.


Would love your advice, if you know where I could download or torrent the premade images, could you drop a link by chance?



LDSG_Mish (complete noob)


You are super-confusing yourself...

Rasbperry Pi (or Pi IMages) wont work on PC.

So you want a PC Image for PC , no problem, lots of choice....

CoinOps (PC) , cp78 all hits, Hyperpie PC , Hyperspin, Launchbox, and packs-r-us , plus so much more, just check out the posts on this very website!

When on t his site and you  hit any of the downloads sections simply click NFO to see the files INFO (geddit?)

Hope this helps...

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