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So I have downloaded "the xfer" by dmc. I burn the image on sd card and when I run on raspberry pi 3b+ I get a blank screen and a thunderbolt on the top right. I have burned other images and they work good. This is the only one I'm having trouble with.

I have used gui32formatter and still can not get it to run. Need help on how to get this to run on my arcade.

When you click on NFO in the download list, it takes you to the NFO page (info page...) the main article >

Youll note it says in the authors quote "Essentially this is simply the MLP arcade image, transferred to Hyperpie, with an up to date copy of Retropie (4.3.9)."

Raspberry Pi 3B+ was only supported in the "STRETCH" Retropie version 4.4 and above... (source here)

therein lies your problem, not suitable for pi 3b+ , go for a newer image, there are LOADS 🙂

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