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Oddity with Wolfanoz_128GB_Rpi3BPlus_ES_AM_4.4.8.img

My PC lists the .img file as 118GB in size (after unRARing it).  On trying to use Etcher and Win32DiskImager to burn it to a formatted 128GB SD card I'm told that the img file is too large by several GB. Etcher shows the card has 124.79 available after formatting (with GuiFormat, SDFormat doesn't give an option for FAT32) and needs an additional 2.67GB.  Win32DiskImager gave me the option to continue but warned that the missed sectors contained data.... of course, the resulting card will not boot.

After some more research, I read that when copying an img file the format can be ignored, though I did attempt reformatting with different sector sizes  - didn't seem to make any difference in Etcher.

Any ideas on what else I can try?


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