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Old ipac2 key mapping issue

I am using the Wolfanoz 32gb arcade image on pi3b+ and I can't get the controller working properly.

I'm using an old ipac2 (ps2 factory set to mame defaults) with a usb adapter, all the buttons register and function normally in emulation station, but 1p coin dosen't work in mame.

Not sure what version mame is being used, but I have noticed my coin button works on old atari games.  I assume multiple versions of mame are being used in this image?  I tried to tab into the mame config, to set global buttons, but tab does nothing.  Tab does work on the old atari games.

Surely I'm not the first to have this issue, any ideas would be much appreciated.

I am having a similar problem with that image. I am using a cabinet ( that I believe has an ipac2 (newer version) firmware 1.49. Mortal Kombat and Pac-Man work but the Street Fighter games just sit there. Coins and start do nothing. I also noticed that when using the joystick on player two pressing down does a reset of the screen or something like that? This is in emulation station as I am trying to get controls to work before even going to attract mode. tab to get into global imput works with MK and PM but nothing for SF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love the way this image looks. I just need it to work for two people.

Did you guys get this figured? I finally got mine all setup nicely. I had to use gamepad and keyboard inputs for the ipac2, now you can use all the top buttons on the alpha cade ie pause for both players , exit for both. I can send you the ipac confit file if you need it.

I’ve got an alpha-Cade and I’m having issues with the iPac2 setting it up as a gamepad.  Can you send me your config file?


Following forum problem seems to be emulation station vs. emulator that you use. Best suggested way is to define player 1 controls as gamepad.

ipac2 factory set to mame defaults normally keyboard inputs, which is fine for SOME emulators.

My old ipac2 did not have option to switch between keyboard and gamepad. Had update firmware

Download WinIPAC Version 2, check firmware and update if current version does not support gamepad. Use WinIPAC to change Player 1 controls all to gamepad.


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