by Arcade Punk

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Old Timer Noobie

Hi all, first off, happy to be here.  I am an old-timer in that I build my own simple launchbox setup several years ago, I never really finished it due to time limitations.  I did love it though.  When I saw the treasure trove that is Wolfanoz 2.6 TB I could not resist.  I have downloaded it, unpacked it to my G drive, installed my Launchbox license.  Now I have some questions.

My XBox 360 controller works while playing the games, but not for navigating the Bigbox theme.  For that, I have to use my computer keyboard.  Is that by design?  If not, any idea regarding how to fix it?

Next are the games, those glorious glorious games of my childhood!  They all seem to run very choppy for some reason, similar to how emulators ran when they were in their infancy.  Almost like the games pause and unpause over and over in rapid succession.  I tested out a PS1 game, and NES Game, and a Sega Genesis game.  All of them played this way.  Any tips on how to change whatever settings to smooth out the gameplay?

Thanks in advance.  I look forward to getting up to speed and helping others here myself!

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