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one retroarch question and one view question


first THANKS for the great image!!!!!!!

I have two questions

1: how do I access the settings for retroarch per core and per game. On my previous launchbox builds I could launch a game then hit F1 and then I could change setting for that game or that core. When I hit F1 on this image it does nothing?

2: What setting do I need to change to see videos in the info side bar in launchbox mode? On previous launch box builds I have had the video in the right hand side. and could have them play on auto or I could set it to only play manually.

Thank You again


Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)
  1. Launch RetroArch via its own folder under Launchbox -> Emulators -> RetroArch.  Load the core you're looking to configure (or if setting controls overall, set those and save configuration and core (if its available).  Try TAB as well to bring up the menu if F1 doesn't work.  I didn't do anything with the keyboard config as it does that naturally.  I used it to configure the 360 controller I have.

    Controls for RetroArch here via keyboard

  2. It's under options for Launchbox (Not BigBox) itself.  Not sure off hand where it is as I'm not near my image but its there to check a box for basically.  I had everything set in Launcbox but in pulling my license to release the image, everything sadly became default.  It is what it is.

    Have fun!

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