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Pack containing particular sets

Hello all,

I was wondering if someone could help me... Is there a pack available here that contains Cave, Naomi, Taito type X, Mame, Nesica and Sammy Atomiswave? I don't care if it's Hyperspin, Launchbox or Attract mode just as long as works.  I would like my build to primarily contain the arcade games I played what seems like another lifetime ago 🙂 Anything else is just a bonus.

Thanks All.

I would like this too! overal packages with tons of terrabytes are pretty awesome. (ex. nintendo/sega/atari/PCFX and so on)

But dont we all just want to play the arcademachines?

edit* No intro packs from Colpipe are great btw.

Would be nice to see a pack combined with all the Mame (including CHD's)

Well there is a pack out there somewhere called Launchbox complete setup: ultimate arcade edition, created by Colpipes. He posted videos in the Launchbox forum and youtube but I can't find it.  🙁

This site has the launchbox no intro from colpipes1978 AND the new CP78 ... There are still more packs coming to the site for the original Launchbox , see more on it here :-
Would highly advise usenet to download these (nzb)

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