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Pandoras Box arcade fight stick (bootleg) issues

Hey there,

Nice to meet you, Ive been lurking on this site for a while but never actually posted anything. Till today.

So im completely new to arcade building and the like, I recently managed to build an arcade cabinet to house my pandoras box. Little did i know at the time of buying I bought it off a bootlegger! So ensues certain problems like adding games but I'll leave that for another time.

The official company who sells Pandora Boxs' on Alibaba is called 3A games as far as I know. I bought mine from 3A 3H games which apparently is just another bootlegger so let that be a warning to anyone considering. Now iI love my pandoras box so far but I have had several issues with it so far. The whole point of this post, was to ask if anyone has seen these buttons before, Im trying to replace one as they are sticking and noticed that they dont seem to be the norm. Please see picture.. Thanks anyone who read this by the way, hoping to try and figure this hardware out as there doesnt seem to be too much instruction on the net, and contacting the sellers obviously theres a bit of a language barrier when it comes to the technical instructions..

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Hi Milky,

I'm also new to Arcade Punks, but I'm a cab gamer from way back.

So the button you've shown looks like an illuminated button. 2 of the connections on the back are for the switch, and two for the light.

The good news is that they all operate the same, but underneath there are a few differances.

buttons are screw in or clip in, but the hole size is universal and they all fit.

microswitches are mounted inside the button (like yours), underneath the button (most common, but they are deeper) or integral to the button (like sanwa)

The voltage of the light is traditionally 12v, old ones were light globes, new ones are LED. just watch though as some (rare?) new LED version come in 5v.

Jump on eBay and grab some, make sure they're not too deep for your box, and enjoy again!

I'm from Australia, not sure where you're from but these buttons are avail just about anywhere. Hope that helps 🙂

Quote from Rageon on July 16, 2019, 12:42 am


Jump on eBay and grab some, make sure they're not too deep for your box, and enjoy again!


What he said ^^ 😀

Ahh thank you so much for your timely and detailed reply!

I will check out ebay and keep an eye on the voltage of the buttons, its something i did not even consider. I did a bit of digging and apparently they are a certain type of Sanwa button and joystick clones.

Thanks again. Im from the UK by the way in a little northern town called Sunderland 🙂

Also, ill just leave this link here if thats ok? I got my t-molding off this website its based in the uk seem decent, sells a lot of legit arcade parts too x

Hi mate,

pretty sure they look like the 5v ones like these, in red,

or blue,

Hope you find what you need.


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