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Is there a Password to this archive?

Whats the password to the archive?

there isn't one

Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)

Arcade Punks dont password any of their archives, if your client is reporting password on the archive, change client lol

The client isnt asking for the password, Winrar is.....

Uploaded files:
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what client have you used to download them - there is 100% NO password on this archive set - none at all.


What provider ?

did you use our nzb or did you use a search program/site/app ?

I'm getting the same issue NEED A PASSWORD!!! Please check the NZB file again, it might have generated a password on it. Thanks i appreciate it.

i haven't repaired the file yet but managed to extract a couple of files out no problem with no password prompt.  I was using 7zip and had no password issues.

There was no password

  • put on the archive
  • put on the downloads
  • put on anything

Anything telling you otherwise means

  • Your using crap software not used to such big downloads
  • you havent downloaded what we supplied
  • you havent used our torrent/nzb to download with

This has been completed and downloaded over 2000 times at present, and a couple of people saying about passwords, one can assume they have the same basic set ups or source

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