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Sega Collection 2+ TB: Dreamcast, Saturn, Genesis, Master System & more

I have same problem too.....

Same problem as well.

This site is messed up, as stated on the first page of the comments every link just reloads this page. Clicking on page 2 or 3 reloads the first page the same as the links do, so we can't even read the comments on page 2 or 3 & the links should be in the Packs/downloads section. After the GDI rom set but only thing that comes up in DC rom packs is NEO CD n somethin else not the full set. Please fix for us guys, as i said i can't even read page 2 or 3 and will likely be able to edit my comment because i wont be able to get to the page it's on after clicking submit

Any  one know where to get current links?  They are now just refreshing the page....

awesome arcade punks member

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