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pi image arcade only

Hello can someone recommand a pi image that have only arcade games

i don't need image with all the systems


64gb Pi3 Image “The Xfer” a mix of Mad Little Pixels Arcade Image and HyperPie from DMC

32gb “ReGame” Entertainment Box Arcade Only Image for Raspberry Pi from Gabber23

32gb Pi 3 Arcade Only Image with Video Snaps and Over 2500 Roms from Mad Little Pixel

16gb Emulation Station Image from Arcade Pi Home featuring Amiga and DOS

16gb Knightrider Arcade Themed Pi Image from Gabber23

Thanks Ninja UK

Thank you!  I'm looking for the same thing, however I have one more question.

Do any of these distros (or any others that you know of) have menu systems that work in 4:3, centered on the display?

(I'm building a classic cab for my kid, and although I'm installing a 27" LCD panel (it's all I had lying around), I have a cardboard bezel that goes between the screen and the glass, reducing the visible area to ~4:3)



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