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pinball emulators for pi?

just curious if anyone has figured out a emulator to play video pinball on retropie as of yet?  I would love to get my hands on it.  Im relatively new to the retropie scene and this forum. was introduced to retropie a few months ago. love the old school arcade games!  thank you

I believe some people have the old DOS pinball games running, as well as the console pinball games, but actual tables and such, alas no.

Visual pinball runs fine on my old pc. It isn't as heavy on the graphics side of things as say pinball fx ,pinball arcade or even future pinball, so I don't see that it would have trouble with the pi (although it's a bugger to set up if I remember rightly! Maybe have a go with VP9. is a good place to start.

FYI though, I have never owned or used a pi, so could be wrong!!!

Couple of Pi Pinball packs here >