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Problems to use [256GB]-Odroid.XU4 Extreme.Rawer-PiPiggies


I've some problems to use this image.

This image works correctly on my Odroid XU4. This is really awesome. It's the best game collection I've seen for Odroid.

However, I cannot use my Xbox 360 controller. I've seen that I have to install xboxdrv. I don't manage to install it nor to update system (the internet connection seems to not work at all).

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance

Arnaud LEF97

Hello i have no answer for your question, i have an problem with this image. On which way do you write the image to the sd card and which sd card do you use? I have testet it with etcher and windows image writer, but every time it breaks. Any idea? Or tel me your way. Thanks


I used Etcher directly with a hard drive (1 TO). No error and the system works fine.

best regards

Hmm... can i use an microsd with this big image? The program tells me that my storage, port or reader is corrupt. But everything is new. And i tested another port. I must write download iso file. Should i unzip it again?


Il should work with a microSD card.

However, i've seen a lot of message with the same problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3L2cl6tBec

No solution for the moment.


I can't even use etcher to write the image to my sd card because it says I don't have enough space. Rufus and Windiskimgr will write it but so far the image has not worked in my Odroid. Not sure what to do now.

How does it work with HDD? How should I go?


I used Etcher like with a SD card.

No change to do with the ODROID XU4.

However, I didn't manage to boot using the HDD directly. So, I plug the HDD and use a SD card with a minimal system.

The image I use for the SD card is OGST ( ODROID-GameStation-Turbo-3.9.5-20171115-XU3+XU4-Jessie ) but it should work using another system.

I hope this could help you