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Profile - Avatar - Unable to set pic

I'm attempting to setup my avatar pic but seem to be having issues.  Unsure if the image is too big or what.  The size of the file is a 14.5 kb jpeg and its 213 x 207 pixels in size.  I try to add the picture and it seems like it is "working" but then stops and neither shows the pic or set anything.  Attempt to use the media upload, drag and drop and I get an error that I'm unable to upload.  Do I have to have a certain number of post or something, or is the image wrong?  Thanks for the help!

Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)

Not sure why, lots of people able to change it - no worries though, paste the picture here or something and I will get it changed over for you 🙂

Sorry for the late reply, didn't subscribe to the topic like a bone head.  Here's the imgur if you are still around:

Thanks again.  Also just tried again, no go.  Tried Edge as well because I use Brave and have had issues on the site with that browser (Hot Linking Warning) and still didn't work.  In the media upload still says I'm unable to do so.  Thanks for looking into it, really not a big deal if it can't be done and appreciate your time.

Uploaded files:
  • Nurses.jpg
Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)

fixed - sorry about t hat - not sure what the error was

Awesome thanks a ton for the help!

Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)

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