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PSX roms help

I am using CoinOPS Forgotten Worlds 3 PACKED. I am interested in mostly PlayStation games, the download came with one PlayStation game Tekken 3. I am trying to add to this library and I am having no luck. All of the roms I have downloaded (from other sites) have not worked. I have noticed that the Tekken 3 is a .PBP file this is different from the others I have found. I could use some direction on where to go to find roms that work with "CoinOps Forgotten Worlds 3".

After doing a bunch of testing I found that if I took the bin and cue and used psx2psp tool it would run the .PBP files created. So download the rom from any site, extract the bin and cue files then use psx2psp app to create the .PBP and CoinOps will load the file.

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