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Question about [200gb]-Super.Clean-BoredGameDad

Hi guys,

I fell in love with this image because it's true, it's a pretty clean image: [200gb]-Super.Clean-BoredGameDad

The main difference with other images i tried is the great quality of the video screenshots (almost no compression??)

I would like to know how did he scrap those games, because the software i know (Universal XML Scraper) doesn't let me to choose the video quality and i get poor resolution videos.

Also, the "MIX" profile for the screenshots it's quite unique.. it don't find it in the MIX profiles in UXS. It's similar to the standar (standar 3 img), but it's not exactly the same.

So, how did he scrap his image? How can i scrap the games I add with the same parameters? Did the use UXS or another software?

Thank you in advance.


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