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Racerspin - Racing Hyperspin

Hey There,

Sorry I have been working on a few other projects but was hoping to revisit this soon upgrading it to 16:9 Widescreen.

I was going to wait for HS 2.0 but will probably get it going before then.

I am just collaborating the games themselves and what needs to be made over on the HS forums.

As my internet is garbage, and the new version will be a lot larger it might be hard to release it as a single package.

Will let you know.

I have a sit down pole position cabinet that houses a small flat screen tv, a PlayStation 2, and a Logitech steering wheel. It hasn’t seen any real use in awhile, and I’m thinking about upgrading it to something like Racerspin.

I’ll try to post some photos in a bit.


Soo excited to see this project, I'm converting a Need For Speed cabinet and this looks perfect.

Hi. Your racerspin looks great. Can it be installed on a Raspberry Pi using Hyperpie instead of Hyperspin? Also, did you ever finish it completely?

Well good to see everyone sharing their work.. it'll encourage more people.. good initiative.

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