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Raspberry pi Hyperspin -attract mode- image 26GB (for 32 GB sd)


Hello, i want to share with you an image that i've working on. I have downloaded a 128 Hyperpie image from here and start working from there. First i erased all systems and games that i didn't like, then i re-encoded all videos. Then i begin to test every single game to see if worked well. Finally i erased all media of games that i wiped out. With this i reduced teh size under 32Gb.

After that i begin to test hyperspin function in attractmode, by using the hyperspin.nut. When i managed to get the layouts to work (in arcade games) i've downloaded all themes from Hyperspin, to later realize that most of then where had the bezels a little out of place. So i fixed manually almost all.

I wanted some more advanced systems so i install Drastic, to run Ds games, PPSSPP, to run a few psp games and i make/download several PSX-RIP games (56),that are extremely small.

I'm brazilian so i placed translated roms from consoles inside the image, but that roms are easily replaceble.

If you want to check out the image here is a video (i try to translate my speech, so the subtitles work)

If you liked and want to download here is the link:!ngNAXCxB!j8ljc-2hzpN84J4BRYIQzw

I'm sorry for the english, i'm not fluent, and i hope you like

can you do pdf in english too ?

Sure, i've already create a tutorial in english in the same folder with my modified version of the hyperspin.nut

Does this have bezels?  If so how do you turn them on?

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Quote from ekrause on September 19, 2019, 7:13 pm

Does this have bezels?  If so how do you turn them on?

Unfortunately it doesn't, but to place bezels is pretty easy, but you will need WinSCP. You can download the bezels from this link:!ChoXnaiB!Fr0fhcsV4o0D7QS52C8fz0AkE4HFsN_YExXawBrAC5U .

Then you unpack the file and tranfer to this folder, inside the retropie: /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/overlays/

Once you tranferred the files (the .cfg and .png files), on your retropie, if you are using my image, go to the "attract mode" menu and select "configuration editor". Then select "Configure basic libreto emulator options". Then select "Configure additional  options for" and select the one for the emulator you want to put the bezel. Will open another screen,in this screen select "Overlay Enable" and set to "true",then go back to the previous menu and select "Overlay file", then you select the config file of you emulator. Thats it.

Quote from pookiblabla on September 27, 2019, 9:08 am


Thanks a lot. The software that i use is Win32diskimager:  The software is pretty simple. You insert the sdcard on your computer, open the software. Select the image and then select the drive letter of your sdcard and click in write. And yes, its all preinstalled and preconfigured. You will need only to use a keyboard to do a controller configuration and set the wifi.

How can i configure my Picade HAT kit this image?


How do you set up a controller for Arcade emulator? Emulation Station controller setup doesn’t work.

Quote from oppolo on October 27, 2019, 2:27 pm

How do you set up a controller for Arcade emulator? Emulation Station controller setup doesn’t work.

Sorry, didn't see your question. Can you explain better what happens. What type of controller you are using?

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