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Recalbox or Retropie for N64?

I've had my Pi for a little over a year, and always used Retropie.

I've been hearing/seeing talk that Recalbox emulates the N64 a bit better out of the box, obvs due to res downscaling.

Any of you have any experience with Recalbox?

I have a 64gb card coming so I'm going to try it but was  interested in seeing if anyone has used Recalbox

Thats an odd statement, retropie and recalbox are front ends for the EMULATORS to play the roms, so they launch the emulator , that in turn plays the ROM, I could be wrong here, but in my opinion it makes no difference the front end, its more about the emulator and the settings within it (please do someone correct me if i am wrong)

...just to continue a bit more N64 emulation on the Pi is terrible, and pointless, in my opinion.. There are but a handful of games that play problem flee, yet still glitchy :D

Just use Recalbox for the PC, write the image to a PC USB Key and boot from it. Everything is smooth, N64, GameCube, Dreamcast etc.