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Régalad & WDG version for PC

Hello there, i'm really interested about the "Régalad & WDG SuPrEmE BuiLd V2 RELOADED" version also because has relevant addon like Kodi, JukeBox and Chromium.

I've a small computer with Intel i5 and 4 GB RAM available without operating system installed, i've tried to use the Etcher software to start from a SD or USB card but i recevie an error, it seems that are not bootable.

There is a way to install that version in my pc?



I've also try to download the Supreme.Build.1.5-WDG.and.VLC and it works for pc, there's a way to have or made similar version as bootable for pc?



You can write an image to a pc

images are for single board computers sd card, such as raspberry pi, or odroid or so on...

You need to install PC stuff, such as the one you mentioned above, or any attract mode for pc, hyperspin or launchbox install....

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