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REQUEST - Wolfanox 2.5tb Launchbox RAR Files HERE!

This is the place to request missing/broken .rar files for the Wolfanoz 2.6tb Launchbox Fully  loaded build.

Please request them and include the rar number as well as your source (usenet/torrent/private ftp) - if you got from usenet please let us know your usenet provider and type of account (paid/free).


in Usenet for 3tb-Loaded.Launchbox.BigBox-Wolfanoz  is missing:

Sorry. I had tomatoes on my eyes  🙂


Thank you

Hello Ninja, my 3rd attempt, i used the NZB and downloaded all the files via usenetserver (PAID) and Altbinz as recommended this time. Took 15 days and i have the same result after running quickpar. 7 blocks short. I tried the new sfv file but its looking for a completely different set of RAR files than the ones i have. I have W0lfseed-lunchtime-arbba archive 001-2203. Also of note when running quickpar it says that my PAR files are the wrong set? Does this make any sense? thanks

Uploaded files:
  • Wolf-3tb.PNG
  • Wolf-RAR.PNG

same problem here, sfv file doesn't match rar file names

Quote from daweedl on September 22, 2019, 4:44 pm

same problem here, sfv file doesn't match rar file names

Solution is here:

thanks to wintergrey

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