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Retropi, Duke Nukem 3D, eduke, and grp files....?

Hello all!

I have been using Linux since about 2004. And, boy, have we come a long way. Okay, so I have a super recent 128gb vituralman image running  and it's amazing. The ports section is what I am messing with. One issue I am having is no matter what I do eduke loads the shareware version of Duke Nukem 3d. I have searched the net, forums, retropi, etc. and nothing is jumping out at me. I have replaced most files in the /roms/ports/duke3d folder and nothing get's me the atomic edition load up screen or the game. Of course, I did the duke3d.grp and rts files first and nothing. I have even been reading all the cfg files in /opt/retropie/ports/eduke32 and /home/pi/RetroPie/roms/ports/duke3d.

So, I did a quick test last night in dosbox to see if what I have is actually the Atomic edition of duke 3d. And, sure enough, dosbox fires it up and we're good to go. Atomic edition. So, the files I have are the correct ones. Can't get retropi to get this done.

My next step is trying to get the HRP pack all loaded up in the virtualman image.....

So, what am I missing? Any suggestions would be welcome. 🙂


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