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RetroPie Commodore Collection 32GB

Hey Punks,

I’ve created a unique RetroPie Pi3B/3B+ image just for Commodore systems.

I've submitted the download link to Arcade Punks - so hopefully it'll be available soon!

It contains all of the Commodore systems.

Amiga 1200
Amiga CD32
Plus 4

All systems are using Retroarch so that makes controller setup simple and also lets all systems use bezels.

Custom theme.

Custom loading videos for each system.

Custom boot video.

Custom scripts for background music (it comes with several Amiga mp3 files) and a script for managing the bezels.

All games have been scraped and have either a video or screenshot along with a wheel art.

Youtube link:

Once a Pi 4 RetroPie base is officially made available, I'll be converting this to a Pi 4 compatible image also.


This looks really great. Thanks for your hard work!

Really great i hope there wil be a link soon all nostalgie for me i had the cd32 amiga amiga 1200 and c-64 wow

This is now on-line at Arcade Punks, I believe a torrent and nzb is coming within 36 hours !

32gb Commodore Collection Raspberry Pi 3b Image from “Night Shade”

Great job !
unfortunately the keyboard and the mouse does not work under Amiga !

Hm...mine do..

I have two 8BIT-DO wired gamepads plus a USB keyboard and a USB mouse plugged into my Pi 3B+.

All work fine within Amiga games for me.

For example, Dungeons of Avalon 2 .. when launched, my mouse moves the cursor and left clicking starts the game.

Dang it!

There is a glitch in the image.

Amiga (and maybe Amiga 1200 and CDTV) will run slow on some games.

Easy fix though....

Amiga: load any game, open retroarch with select + x , go to options and change CPU Compatibility to normal, close retroarch.  That should save it for next time you run an Amiga game.

Hey Punks!

I’ve now converted my RetroPie Commodore Collection 32GB image over to the newer Pi 4 based OS.

It’s the same as the first Pi3 based image, but this one is built using the latest official beta from RetroPie for the Pi4 boards. 

This image has had Pishrink ran against it, so it’ll expand and reboot upon first turning it on.

So hopefully those that have asked for a Pi 4 Commodore image will enjoy it.

I’ve submitted the link to AP - so hopefully it’ll be available soon.

P.S. The Pi4 version has the Retroarch Amiga setting already applied that I missed on the Pi3 version.

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