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rom partition cannot be seen by windows

I followed the directions and installed an image from your site onto an sd card. it works but it makes two partitions, a small boot partition i can see in windows, and the large partition that the roms are on. I can't see the rom partition in windows, it even says i have to format the partition. is that normal? How can i get windows to see the partition so i can backup the rom files? Thanks in advance.

Awesome Arcade Punk Member

Yes it is normal.The reason why you cant see the partition under Windows is because its a Linux partition.To be able to mount the image so you can see whats inside you can use this software

Thanks. i used SSH to get to the files and it worked out ok

Awesome Arcade Punk Member

Its normal cause its formatted to an Linux based drive named ext4. If u want to edit or do something on the rom-drive u can easily connect your pi model to the Wi-Fi network same as your pc network. Once your pi is connected to the Wi-Fi u can go to explorer on the pc and type this is the command bar :


When u pressed enter u can enter the rom-drive that is located on the pi.

Good luck