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Hi, again!

I think the part 34 of the roms 001 is missing in 1fichier. Can you reupload, please?

Thanks a lot for this project!!

Will this work on nvidia shield?

Quote from sirkamalot on December 2, 2019, 5:43 am

Will this work on nvidia shield?

No, its for PC , there is a shield version HERE

Coming from Launchbox to hyperspin is different! Tonnes of stuff to learn

Gday guys just wondering if someone can lend some advice ? , So ive downloaded everything and added Rom 1 pack into the System rom folder so its D:Arcade>Systemroms>8tb drive>Gog games or Big fish , But when i load hyper-spin and try either big fish or gog i get the error that the roms cant be found.

Things ive tried - Adding a new path in rocketlauncher in the gog and big fish page to the roms
-  Re downloading and unpacking the Base Rar
- Launching the game outside of hyperspin ( Works and runs fine )

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Hi Jay,

you got it right with D:ARCADE/SYSTEMROMS/8TB a lot of these roms are incomplete that was mentioned at the beginning .I'am pretty new to this myself have you tried the very first gog game insane that worked for me most of the others i think are missing exe files and are part of the project for us as a community to build .You will have better luck with Rom pack 2 make sure you you extract it to it's folder D:ARCADE/SYSTEMROMS/8TB + Hope this helps works for me also i would like to add i think a lot of the games are connected to other packs witch are designated to other drive paths we need to wait and see what follows.

Thanks for the reply mate

Well ill give up on that then 😅 i spent hours pulling my hair out . I saw ninjauk wrote "intentional messed" i assumed it was fixable.


Yeah lets hope the rest of the packs arent a disaster aswell


Quote from jay on December 5, 2019, 11:21 am

Yeah lets hope the rest of the packs arent a disaster aswell


It was bad on my part releasing the messed up pack first, the idea being that people would get pro-active in these very forums rather than complain 🙂

Heres to hope 😀

Can someone post a pic of where all the files are suppose to go. I extracted each file to the base of my hard drive. One of the rom folders extracted a ton of game folders at the base of the drive, rather than in the Arcade folder. Is that right? It seems odd. Thanks.

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This’ll be my first attempt at game emulation since a MAME install in the early 2000’s, and I have what’s probably a completely noob question, so apologies in advance... When decompressing the ROMs into the appropriate folders, should each individual file also be decompressed or should I be leaving them archived? For example in the Bally Astrocade/roms folder is it best practice to have “280 Zzzap+Dodgem (USA).bin“ or “280 Zzzap+Dodgem (USA).7z”? I’ve tried forum searching both here and Reddit (and a few other places) and can’t find a definitive answer.


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