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Sci Pi - The 3D Printed Arcade

Over 330 hours of printing with the budget Flashforge Finder 3D printer and a few weeks designing the model in Tinkercad, I present to you my Sci Pi Bartop Arcade

Running an epic customized Retropie image by /u/darishzone known as MiniPi Turbo Edition on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ computer, this arcade is loaded with emulators and thousands of games. Retropie is controller-friendly, thus I was able to add X360, PS3, and WiiMote controllers to support multiplayer or single player loadouts.

I am publicly sharing my 3D model, but it has many flaws. Being my first attempt at such a large print, I made mistakes along the way and consider this entire cabinet a v1 prototype. Tinkercad is useful for smaller projects and I had issues loading the huge design and getting accurate measurements. Also, the small, non-heated bed of the Finder required many pieces to be printed (54 total!) and I would recommend a larger printer. Despite that, a little craftiness and a lot of glue will get you a pretty sweet cabinet. Cost-wise, the cabinet consumed three spools of Hatchbox PLA filament costing me only $60. I used 6-32 x 3/4" machine screws to attach pieces. I am considering a v2 down the road, but I would not use Tinkercad again and likely start a new model from scratch.

The reset button and volume buttons trigger simple Unix scripts instead of buying a separate amplifier or using the GPIO pins. I will create a separate post with instructions and update this post when ready.

There are manymany guides on how to build a bartop arcade. I won't reinvent the wheel and post every build step, but I will gladly point you to some resources that I found helpful.

LED Button wiring

Power socket wiring

T Molding shaping

Retropie Images (this is a great community with loads of content!)

Awesome splashscreen videos

Steam Link to stream games from your PC to your arcade

WiiMote Light Gun

Spade Drill Bits for acrylic holes*Always wear protective glasses and gloves when drilling. Acrylic is fragile.

Backlit film paper for the marquee. This is the same material used by movie theaters for their movie posters.

Thanks for checking out my project! I had a blast making it and hope to inspire some of you out there to make your own.

See post on reddit HERE

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