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SNES MSU-1 Collection 60+ GB

SNES          MSU1


Direct Links:  60+ GB

Magnet:  48 GB



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Quote from Games x2 on February 8, 2018, 10:18 pm

SNES          MSU1


Torrent    -> You must be logged to

Magnet    -> May not work if there are few seeds

Direct Link    -> Never fails, log-in required


Note 1:  'Direct Link' has the latest update with all files. It is possible that the torrent does not have all the latest files.

Note 2:  The Torrent is currently working at 93%. If someone can download the direct links with the help of a download manager, then refill the unfinished files and 're-check' the data (right-click over the torrent), and then seed the 7% remaining, will be appreciated.


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I have completed most of the torrent, only 3 files left incompleted that arent in the archive folder.

I will be seeding a month or so at 100Mb.

im in search of ALL MSU-1 games. is this collection COMPLETE? 🙂


can anyone reupload this?

awesome punk

Would appreciate any help getting working links

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