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so no naomi, atomiswawe or model 2 games?

i've downloaded all the packs and it seems there is no place here for these three systems, seriously or am i wrong? the sega st-v too is missing

Probably worth waiting a few weeks for the community add-ons and fixes to start 😀

hi, i am almost done with the download, to prepare myself for helping with the updates. do all the game entries in the media pack correspond to what roms are in the final release? if not is there a way of knowing whats missing so we can help move the community updates along? Thank you by the way for what has been provided, this whole community is great.

There is media for roms that are not in the release. My guess is this was built from an incomplete drive (Possible Corrupt) as so much is missing. the space was then filled up with what appears to be a complete dump of PS2 games.

What I have stated is migrating all the ROMS from this pack across into CoinOps NEXT. The interface is much easier to navigate and it is much easier to update the emulators on that. I really don't like Hyperspin, it's just too busy. I have just treated this as a massive rom collection with media.

The community work has started, each pack will be evaluated to

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