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Sony PlayStation (PSX) Collection - 2.5 TB

PSX USA:  Collection 1 - 490 GBCollection 2 - 20 GBCollection 3

PSX Europe:  Collection - 890 GB

PSX Asia:  Collection 1 - 750 GBCollection 2 - 130 GB

PSX Manuals - 2 GB

PSX Media




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Great collection can you re-upload them as eboot files thanks(to save drivespace and no disk swapping)

Can this be re uploaded but in eboot format thanks games take up less drive space this way


This collection contains this games from region japan?

This is a great collection nice!

links are not working?????

Thank you! 🙂

Yeah downloads not working...

Same here! Download links not working!

Thanks! Such an amazing database but links are not working =(

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