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STFE Video Attracts Load Wrong Game

Hi, I seem to have a bug with the SimpleTouchFE software whereby, only when using any video format for the attracts (avi, mpg, wmv, swf) - if I switch to a different config and then click on a video attract it will always load the last game on the current page.

However, if i click on a video attract having not switched between config's the correct game will load. As soon as I change to another config (and/or back again) the video attract will load the wrong game, it makes using video attracts unfeasible. All image attracts (png, jpg, gif) seem unaffected by this bug.

Has anyone else ever encountered this and found a solution?

Thank you

Good luck with this one mate, I suppose Aladdin is the guy to ask about this but he is 'away' at the moment. When he returns to the scene I'm sure he will help you if you are still struggling and there is a very good chance he will help me with my missing games.

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