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Strange issue with Colpipes no intro collection torrent?????

Hello lovely community.

So i downloaded colpipes no intro collection torrent on 171 gb, But for some weird reason i can't move some of the files to an external HDD drive???.

First i thought it could be an issue with mu external HDD or maybe my usb port, After many hours of troubleshooting i found out that it is just some of the files i can't move?? (specifically file 007).

But if i'm having problems with just some of the files and not others it can't be my hardware that's faulty or some of the software blocking the transfer???, As an example i'm getting an I/O error every time with file 007 while others are moved just fine with no errors.


This is really weird, Have anyone else had this problem???, Could it be bittorrent itself causing the problem.



That specific file could be in use (most notably, seeded) by Bittorrent or the length of the path for that specific file might be too long.

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