by Arcade Punk

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Thanks for having me here

Hey everybody, my name is Brandon. Been into gaming since my Vic 20 days, collage honours grade in computers, networking and business. I love electronics and software. Dabbled in many programming languages but not an expert at any. Im proficient in Photoshop and lots of other software, I use to fun redhat 9 servers and have lots of skills in coding websites. I use to mod ps2 and original Xboxes, proficient with Kodi and Android boxes and hardware. Just bought my first pie this weekend and have purchased a packman 1up arcade. I have ordered all the hardware to set up a nice unit for myself and kids. what I would like to try is building a full mini retro arcade with an active coin slot than since I am a carpenter by trade I would love to build a unit from the ground up. I'm pretty excited about this adventure and hope to learn quickly about some coding and creating some builds, physical and software .

Lovely to have you here - looking forward to seeing your masterpieces!

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