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Touchscreen jukebox image for pi???

Hi guys

A complete beginner question/request here. I have built my pi based arcade cab, downloaded several images from here, tried them and settled on the 1 I like best and subsequently over the last while, i have almost worn my fingers down to stumps playing countless hours on all of the old childhood favourites that i grew up with, so thanks to all the contributors who uploaded images and make the site as great as it is. My next mission i have decided is going to be a touchscreen jukebox of some variety but as i mentioned above i am a complete noob and as such incapable of creating a complete image from beginning for such a project so I am wondering does anyone here have a working image for anything similar that they are prepared to share? Somebody here must have gone down this route already but there dont seem to be any specific guides or images out there? I am open to any and all possibilities that might move me towards this goal, i would love to find a free working image somebody is happy to share but i am also happy to compensate someone for their hard work and time in creating such an image if they are happy to share. I am even open to using a pc based system rather than a pi based system if somebody has how-to-guide for a windows touchscreen juke but honestly i like the pi for all the same reasons you guys like yours and it would be my preference. Anyway, thanks in advance for any responses and hopefully somebody might be able to help.

Check out TOUCHSCREEN MACHINES on FaceBook.. they can help you out, as far as I knwo you are going to need to go PC based 🙂

Thanks Ninja! 😀

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