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Ultrimarc Ipac Ultimate I/O Support

Hello All!  I am struggling with my Ipac Ultimate and wanted to see if anyone else had similar issues and/or knew how to fix mine.  I have a few issues... First, when trying to map my controls in Emulation Station, I can only select the Ipac as 1 controller.  I can't seem to find how to set it up as two players.  Second, once I have mapped a player 1, the controls only work outside of the games.  As soon as I load up a game, the Ipac is no longer recognized.  But once I exit the game and am back in the hyperpi menus (Forgot to mention, I am running a Hyperpie2 on a Pi 3b) the Ipac works again.  Finally, while trying to set my controls, I have apparently remapped all of the keyboard shortcuts for HyperPi an I am not sure how I did that.  While I did hunt and peck around the keyboard to find a few functions that will let me navigate HyperPi and Emulation Station, I would LOVE if there was a way to reset that.... It is such a pain!  I really appreciate all of your help!  Thanks guys!~

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