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Update on the PiPiggies 8TB Hyperspin Downloads


Hey Guys

Quick update on why nothing has dropped for a few weeks, basically the caddy holding the hard drive crashed, so we had to transplant the hard drive in a donor caddy , which we did, then started archiving, twice the machine doing the archiving locked up between 70 and 80% .... so we broke the packs down smaller, and still had a few lock ups, until the machine died - us thinking it were the file cluster, when infact the 5 year old machine (our "packer and par" machine) had just had enough and hit "EOL" (end of life!)

So one new i7 machine later and a new caddy - the packs are now archiving into multi rar sets (much quicker than usual!!) and on their way to the various servers in the sky ready for release.

Its worth noting that there are FOUR OFFICIAL ROM PACKS remaining...

  • [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-014-PiPiggies
  • [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-015-PiPiggies
  • [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-016-PiPiggies
  • [8tb].Hyperspin.PC.Fully.Loaded-004-ROMs-017-PiPiggies

All these ROM Packs contain PS2 Titles, (pack 1, A-F, 2 G-N, 3 O-S, 4 T-Z) so if you are NOT going to be running PS2 then you need not bother downloading these. (Its worth noting that Members have already started seeing the above packs appear on the Members FTP sites.)


Once the official public packs are released and the entire drive is considered "OUT THERE" we shall be working with the community to produce some

  • Fixes
  • Add-ons
  • Upgrades
  • Updates

We will also be putting the entire drive "online" and browsable - whilst nothing can be downloaded, it will be a live representation of the drive in its original state, working through the fixes and such to its completed state.

We will be looking for help on this, people to take charge of certain tasks and totally BOSS them....For example people who want to complete the media packs, complete the ROM packs, get extra emulators up and showing, sort controller issues and so on....

Basically we want EVERY SINGLE PERSON to have a complete, up-to-date , fully configured drive that is considered "awesome"....


Once we (the community) deem the drive "complete" anything released after that can surely only be considered "an add-on" - so we then encourage everyone to familiarise themselves with the workings of the drive - because YOU (as a community) are responsible for it ... All the PiPiggies did was release an old drive and make it accessible FOR FREE, all Arcade Punks did was provide the links, and a community resource to make it yours, and now it is...


Once we start these last few pack downloads, the Forum will change to accommodate the community builds, edits, add ons and changes, we would LOVE for YOU to get involved, drop us a message below in this very forum, to let us know if you are on-board.....


Ninja Uk, -=CYD=- and the rest of the team!

Buenos días

Me encantaria participar en este se si sere de gran ayuda porque mi experiencia en Hyperspin es muy basica.

Saludos desde Valencia. (Spain)

Hello, i already have the retromanicus ps2 full pack (almost 4TB) is this the same (i have it in one stand alone harddrive 🙂 )?

If yes, do you have the media folder in the media our in this pack (because the file names)?

Thanks a lot you work it have been so helpfull.

I´m having problems with the controls (mine is xbox 360 chinese type), im not a pro in this area so im lokking for some tutorials to learn, the change. i think will be a good idea create a topic "" how to change controls configuration for each emulator (311 what a work 🙂 )"" !!!

I have the same basic retro is for share not to sell, i have some friends that send me by mail hdds and i give them back with retro games like this we grownd up 🙂

Again thanks a lot, your group work is biggest than you can imagine.

Great hug for the B and kiss for the G 🙂

Thanks for great work

I was about to buy a drive for $500, should get this instead?

Quote from Deaez on February 16, 2020, 5:47 pm

Thanks for great work

I was about to buy a drive for $500, should get this instead?

yes get this instead of the 500$

buy an 8tb or 10tb drive

ill take a little learning to understand how it all works together but imo it is worth it

Thanks for the update Ninja and a mighty big thank you to yourself and everyone involved in getting this shared. I'm excited about what an "open source" version of this could be and what the talents of the community could bring to it.

i've not understand, in package 11 there are more than 600 ps2 games, and the last 3 release are ps2 games too? so the full romset? and seems that tecnoparrot games are not included or am i wrong?


Sorry bad language, but. Harrison Hack is better than this? Let us share this then?




All I know is when the ROMs Packs are finished we as a community will "fill in the gaps" and release fixes and media packs 🙂

I noticed that the last few packs are for PS2 but I am missing most of the PC Games and Nintendo 3DS that are in the 8TB+ Drive folder.  Anyone else have this issue or know what rom packs those are in? Also, is there a definitive list of each rom pack and what it contains? I appreciate your help.

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