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Usenet - 2tb Origins – Original Xbox Fully Loaded Front End

Hi, Loaded from usenet the 2tb Origins – Original Xbox Fully Loaded Front End..

Quickpaar and Multipaar say all ok. Winrar and 7 Zip says 2tboripunk.part0574 is corrupt. Can you fix this file ? no repair possible as no recovery information available with Winrar.

Thx a lot

This is strange , I have downloaded from Usenet and used myself WITHOUT any issues....

Keep an eye HERE and file 0574 will be up and live on MEGA as soon as I finish uploading.....




Ok, thx i will test

I even deleted the file and restore it with quickpar, she still had crc errors afterwards.

I have it unpacked this time to the end, the files 574, 1805 and 1826 raise CRC errors.

Your uploaded File has also CRC Error.

I've just found this post. I have the same problem, same files 0574 (CRC) 1805(CRC) 1826 #last file (CRC/corrupted) . I hope this can be resolved. Working files on the server would be nice, with 2 or 3 weeks retention. I don't know when I can go online again.

Awesome Arcade Punk Member

Hi, same issue here...

File 0574 is CrC even from Mega link and 1805 et 1826 are corrupted too..

Could you re-up these files please ???

In many cases, you've done a great job.. cheers


I do not think that a reupload of the broken  files somehow useful.  multipar says that all files are ok. I think there is something wrong with the packing and it will probably have to come to a completely new upload to fix this.


OK Guys, the files are the same files ... Using latest Winrar (as its rar4 format) - so forget 7zip - for some reason there is saying CRC error, HOWEVER, the files are extracting exactly as they were archived ( I have the original archive here and the original files it archived ) I believe its a couple of temp files messing with it, as I have downloaded and extracted AND installed on the xbox all problem free . I have asked for a re-archive and re-send but it wont be immediately 🙂


So I am currently downloading the image from Usenet; Should I stop and wait for a re-upload, or am I to understand that it will repair and extract fine despite the CRC errors?

what version of winrar did you use to unpack error free?  I had the newest one

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