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Usenet - 2tb Origins – Original Xbox Fully Loaded Front End

nope got them still crc error in winrar extract and raw copy fails at around 32 percent..

I'm getting extraction errors too about 110 rar have unexpected end of archive error

I don't think admins are gonna fix this so I'm trying the torrent only about 4 weeks to go ?

Been on the torrent for a few days now,only 6 days to go....

The torrent is corrupted, too. It fails immediately when you try to write the image to a drive.

Awesome Arcade Punk (est. 2019)
Quote from Renaissance2K on June 8, 2019, 3:35 pm

The torrent is corrupted, too. It fails immediately when you try to write the image to a drive.

Nooooo , im at 87% and You just made me very sad

The torrent is fine,just finished writing the image to hd.

none of the games will load,just crashes back to xbox start screen or path not found...grrrrrr

I tried loads of time burning this image to a brand new 2tb hardrive,formated in xbox executer 3 lba 48 with F partition and G partition getting the rest of the space,But when loading xbox i see G partition not available and F showing 0.00mbs,does anyone know what going wrong? pulling my hair out..grrr

Dear Ninja, please put part 0574, 1805, 1826 of your original working files (2TB XBOX NZB download) on the server. I've tried one more time this weekend with winrar 4.20 and 5.71. Both say CRC failure for these 3 parts, before and after I used the repair function for the files. I can't unpack. Did You unpack from the software or did You use command prompt? I would like to give it one last chance with your files before I delete all the files. Please don't delete it from the server next two weeks.

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Dear Ninja, thanks for the 3 files but they don't help either. I've just tested the complete archive two times. Your 3 files are also shown as corrupted.
My heart is bleeding but I've just deleted all the files. I really would have liked to see this image on my old xbox.

Awesome Arcade Punk Member

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