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Usenet - 2tb Origins – Original Xbox Fully Loaded Front End

Tip for all of you trying to download it on usenet.

I did the same, and like you had the errors on a few of the rar files so it would not unpack without errors.

I unrar'ed it and put a checkmark at keep broken files otherwise it would not save the corrupt image file.

Then I downloaded the torrent, and told it not to start. I then made sure the file was in the correct directory (where my torrent client was looking) and did a recheck of the file(s). I was 99.9% complete, only had to download 88mb and have a fully working image now!



Downloaded it with the newsgroups but get many errors while extracting it.|
New i want some parts again seperate download but i cant find the nzb on search stites.

The problem is that there are no repair parts if there was everybody has no problem also the files 900mb are big better is 250 mb or something.


But i hope i can get it and have fun with it.

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