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Using ROMS from one image to another


This may be a stupid question, I'm still very new to this. I have a couple of images downloaded and was wondering does that mean I have those ROMS now to use to create an image of my own? Do I need to go to ROM sites to try and get whats still available or can I access the ROMS from my existing downloaded images and copy them to use again and again. I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

Yes you can extract the roms from those images if you want with this software for Windows

Just mount the image with the software and you will be able to extract all roms,art,videos



That's awesome. Thanks for that. I'm wanting to create a smaller system (less games)  for my brother and didn't want to try and find the roms again as it is getting pretty difficult now. I figured I must have them somehow with these images that I use. Thanks again.

As well as mounting in windows you can of course FTP over to the pi when its running and on your network, or even go to MY COMPUTER > NETWORK > PI and you'll see a ROMS folder, simply copy and paste from there the ones you want...

Be warned with the arcade/mame/fba roms, they do require a little more, as they all have various emulators set up to use (and some settings) so you would need to delve further OR, something I once seen, was get a GOOD 16/32gb arcade only and use that as your base, for example, change your theme, add bezels (if required) and so on then start adding  your systems 🙂



7Zip can also open the image files natively within windows and you can extract what you want to a Roms folder.

awesome arcade punks member

Such great advice, this is what I was wanting to hear. Was wanting to make sure I still had access to the roms as the other sites are disappearing. Now I know I Have them for future builds. Thanks  everyone.

hi all im wanting to know the opposite of this ive got a 32gb image on my sd card how do i delete the 6000 roms from it permanently and then re image the image.

when all roms are taken off the image is around 10gb. but when i try to read it with win32 disk imager it creates a 32gb image on my desktop and not a 10gb image

so how do i get a 10gb image from the card onto my desktop so i can put the 10gb image on a smaller sd card

on my 32gb sd card ive taken the roms off and pressed f4 to get to term inal and it says ive got 20gb free.

but i still get a 32gb image onto my pc

because the image expands, you need to get that image and then pishrink it when you have it, it will shrink RIGHT DOWN

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