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Hi. So I got this VertPie thing. It seemed really nice/weel done...but it was running all old stuff and didn't work on a Pi 3b+, wasn't using RetroArch,

I fixed it :)

I have updated the whole thing to stretch and booting and running on the 3b+, got attract mode all built and working, etc. Basically
ported" the thing to 2018. Would anyone one else be interested in this sort of thing? I don't know how common/popular vertical cabs are, as the project seemed to have been essentially "abandoned"...


I would be interested. I've been looking into a vertical setup for a while but don't have the time to start from scratch. I just found out about VertiePie about a week ago and an update would be great. I was also considering using an old laptop and slapping HyperV or HyperTate on top of Windows. Any recommendations?

Same for me.   Have been thinking about and interested in an all vert image.   I had been looking at what was available and hoping for somewhat of a 'reboot' on one.   I plan to build a vert cabinet with a 32in monitor.   Nice and tall!   I'd love to see your work and give it a go if you do not mind sharing and are  able.



Ok then :)

Full disclosure - I do not consider myself in *any way* a "releaser" or anything like just seems this is the *only* think for rPi that is purpose-made for vertical/cocktail setups (sadly).

as an extra "it figures" Retropie 4.4 was released yesterday with official/full  support for Stretch and the 3b+ (yay) so I am upgrading everything and re-checking some stuff to make sure it still runs, and will likely have to reset a bunch of settings (again) from the defaults, but this is a cap of where I was right before I told RetroPie to upgrade:

I will report back after that is done...and if someone "around here" handles these kinds of things would be a good time to wave at me :)


Ok, looks like everything came back and is working after the update. As i noticed a slight issue before with Attract, I am letting it fun for some hours to see if it returns, if not, likely G2G.


I would love to test this as well! Also... any input on setting up the cabinet controls / buttons / sticks as 2 player would be helpful...



I have a cocktail cabinet as well, which is currently running AdvanceMAME on a PII 450Mhz board.  I was considering updating it to a Pi, but haven't taken the time to do so yet.  I'd also be interested in checking out your image.

Quote from MrKai on April 15, 2018, 11:58 pm

Ok then :)


I will report back after that is done...and if someone "around here" handles these kinds of things would be a good time to wave at me :)


*waves* drop me a message - gamer @ arcade punks              DOT com
and I can hook you up with a few things (as well as membership of course!)

Ok, so I've worked with this a little more to get flat blue (the ONYX one) actually working better than worse on a pi's where I am now (not edited, sorry)


If people have a preference I can set whichever to the default. I like Flat Blue because you see more of the game lib instead of one at a time, and well, it is pretty slick.
My understanding is that ONYX is "working on 2.0" and some other person is doing a more stripped down one for Pi. Should they appear before I tire of this, I will switch.

It looks great !!
Drop me a email (see post before last) and lets talk :)