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Vintage Collection PS2 Pack B (Release) torrent remains in 78% forever.

I've been stuck at 78% for several weeks with the PS2 B torrent.

There are 26 comrades in the torrent, and none of them exceeds the 78% drop.

My torrent gives a upload of 303% on the download, and remains at 78%;

Is there no one who can upload it 100% complete?

Sorry, i not speak english, this is a Google translation.


This is problem 🙁 Nobody ever seeds for long 🙁

Arcade Punks do seed for around 8-10 weeks but after than it down to everyone else, most people grab and run 🙁


May have to try Usenet or jump in to Arcade Punks Members area

hi @Ninja UK  could you confirm that the vintage ps2 packages are available at the members area?

Would be for me a reason to become a member.

Whilst I dont agree that its a great reason to be a member, the real reason should be to support the site , and see less ads as well as be involved, I can indeed confirm this is sat on one of the free members FTPs

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