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what is the best 64 retropie build ?

Hi Guys

I'm trying to download two builds of retropie (64gb-Nachos.2019.RetroPie-Nacho , 64gb Ultimate Final – Raspberry Pi 3b (and plus) Image from DZ – The legend returns) but it seems that there is no seeders.

Could you suggest me another build that I can download it fast?

thank you very much

Nacho 64gb 2019 - is being seeded , there has been problems with seedboxes past couple of hours and its no secret that no one really seeds these public seeds, however I just grabbed the torrent and it was downloading at 1 mb/s  so its working fine, try again.

As for DZ ultimate final , that image is almost a year old , again public seeds, you can grab it off usenet if you really want it or just grab something much newer (why download such old image?)

Visit HERE and then SORT BY DATE ADDED (NEWEST) and start at the top of the list for the newest (better seeded) ones!

click the nfo (INFO) to see details and videos about the image #simples



I downloaded Nacho latest via torrent.

Seems to have downloaded correctly, I think torrent has crc/hash check built in.

But when I try to image it , it errors out.

Does anyone know if the torrent 64gb Raspi Image works?


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