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Which game pack image would you recommend?

Hello all,

I am somewhat of a newbie (got my Raspi today) - so I would appreciate your suggestions.

I would like to use a ready to go Rasbperry Pie 3B+ img file (upto 64GB) which works well with a Logitech F310 controller on a 1024x768 screen.

I have tried several images but have not found one which would work smoothly and which would look nice (from a scaling perspective).

Some of the issues I have experienced:

- unable to control the image with the controller (controller setup expects buttons the F310 does not even have...)

- frequent freezes requiring a reset by unplugging

- games work but due to scaling look awful (super pixelated)

I do not need thousands of games - but the ones that are there should look nice

Would you be so kind to give me some suggestions or at least point me in the right direction?

I know I can spend some time and set this up to my liking (and will do at some point) but for now I just would like to try a ready to go image...

Thank you!

Update: found finally a great pack - from Regalad. And have a question related to it - will post in a new thread!

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