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Which set of ROMS to download for the Pi?

I'm sorry for being so slow to understand, but I can't determine which set of ROM images are the better one to download:

One page is listed as "RetroPie Roms Downloads Packs" at

The other is listed as "HyperPie and Motion Blue v4 Rom Pack Downloads" at

The first one has a lot of "Motion Blue" rom packages, so I wasn't sure what makes the two different, and what is the better set to start with. Or is there a better route to go?  I see some fully-packaged images, but I thought I would learn more and have better ability to "fine tune" things if I did it this way.

I am working on two projects, one to build a bartop with a Pi using these ROMs and then another project to get the NVIDIA Shield set up with a hard drive. But the Shield is another story for another part of the forum... :)

From what Ive read GargravarrD, Retropie is one front end and Motion Blue is another. I watched a 'tube vid on it from DrewTalks. He preferred Motion Blue but he went through the pros and cons of each in list form so it was a good video to learn from.
As for which ROMs, some packs have this others have that. Many have the same but may focus on different consoles. Some just have ROMs for the one console.
Get a big pack like 128Gb and you get a lot of ROMs for a lot of consoles, but still not ALL ROMs for ALL consoles.
Whatever sized game pack you download you might want to get more of a specific console. Th big packs usually have all available ROMs for particular/popular consoles as originally after a console was released there was only a certain amount ever sold until superceded or obsolete.
Having Nintendo 64 ROMS in a Raspberry Pie pack is a bit sill imho as the Pie doesn't do N64 very well at all, ask anybody. BUT the emulator could get improved or a better Pie (2019 I heard) then your N64 ROMS will prolly work or work better but why download them now unless you will be using them in a more powerful system like say . . . . an Nvidia Shield ;-)
cheers bud.

Woesome Arcade Punk Member

As mentioned above, go for the MotionBlue packs, at least then you've got the option of running all the media or not. Some people just like a plain list, I like videos and wheel art so I prefer the packs to scraping stuff.

At lot of the console rom sets are basically complete now so at least that's one good thing. Most of the new stuff for Mame is pretty fringe now and the arcade classics everyone wants are usually included in all the established collections.

Thanks for the comments, my confusion is becuase both sets say Motion Blue, but they are obviously different, so I wasn't sure why/how.  Oh well, I guess I can just try some out and see what I find. :)

Have a great day!

Motion blue is just another front end for retropie, but my advice, grab the motion blue ones, its not relevant to motion blue, it just means they are correct named and such (just like the config files in MB), hope that helps :)