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Wolfanoz 400GB ODroid XU4 resolution help...

I have this same resolution issue every so often  with various raspberry Pi builds and now again with the latest and greatest Wolfanoz 400GB Odroid build (which is INCREDIBLE BTW).

On my bigger monitor, emulation station itself's resolution is a bit "off".  For example when scrolling through the systems, I cannot see the very bottom where it says what buttons to press for things like "options" or "Number of games".  It's all cut off.   But lo and behold, if I switch to my smaller 19" monitor, everything can be seen.  Both are HDMI, both 2018 models.

The strangest thing is when I go into an actual GAME on the larger monitor, it's all fine.  Nothing cut off anywhere. Evrything centered within the bezels perfect for all the systems.  So, I guess it's not the end of the world, but it is weird!

I checked the larger monitor's resolution to see if it was in some funky zoom mode or something, but no.  1080P/60Hz and in "Full" mode.  So, does anyone know how to tinker with emulation stations resolution on an Odroid build?  Seems like this would be an easy option somewhere in Retropie config menus, but I don't see it on his build at all.

Thanks for any advice!  Joel

Awesome Arcade Punk Member. Nuff said!

I believe what you're looking for is under /media/boot in the boot.ini file.  I think you have to comment out what is currently being used Vs. what you're looking for in regards to resolutions and such.  The HDMI settings can be changed as well.   It was set to whatever the default was with the ORA base.

Hope this helps!

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