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Wolfanoz-arcade-only-remix 64 gb

Hey guys I downloaded Wolfanoz's awesome arcade only image a few weeks ago, and since then I've gone through all the roms and removed any I couldn't get to run on my pi 3 b (mostly 3d heavy racing games). I also changed and added some image files for roms and added a few sega arcade games (sonic 1 and 2, streets of rage 2). I also had two problems with the original image (maybe just specific to me though!) which were the wifi and gpio 5-6 pin script for adding a power button which I believe are resolved in this image. Unlike the original this requires a 64 gb card but there is lots of room for additional storage if needed. This is the image I will be running on my alpha-cade cabinet.

I spent quite a bit of time going through the image, so I can't image how much time Wolfanoz spent!



This is fantastic !!

This looks awesome.  Are the controls pre-configured for the Alpha-Cade?  Should be putting mine together this weekend.

They are not, however yesterday I configured them especially for the alpha-cade. I had to reflash the ipac2 in the controller to both game pads and keyboard keys to accommodate the dedicated player 1 and player 2 pause and exit buttons. I can attach my retroarch config file and ipac 2 file if you’d like them.

You'd just need the winpac program and plug your alpha cade controller into a computer to reflash it, then just copy the retroarch config file over to the image.

Quote from annonbaby on February 8, 2019, 11:34 am

I can attach my retroarch config file and ipac 2 file if you’d like them.

That would be great, thanks!  I haven't decided if I want to change the firmware on the controls yet, but those files will come in handy if I go that route.

Here you go. It is a bit of a process but it might save you a headache!

The files that I made can be downloaded from here;!bnZUmATT!BZXKn2nPFZDt0VOp7ToxXg

You'll have to download WinIpac from below;

Plug in your alpha-cade controller to your PC...preferably before building and installing it in the cab.
Run winpac through the "winIPAC" application.

Download the firmware that lets you enable gamepads from;

Update the firmware through the winIPAC application.
File->Firmware Upgrade
----Make sure you select the firmware for the ipac2 "IPAC2_139.ufw" (what the alpha-cade uses) and not the firmware for their other boards----

Create a backup (couldn't hurt!) of your current ipac2 configuration through winIPAC,, then open the attached "alpha-cade-controls-final.ipc" file.
File->Force board Reconfigure.

That should be it for the board! Now you'll just need to overwrite your current retroarch configs in your pi with the attached one so it recognizes the buttons.

The attached "retroarch.cfg" file is the main config file.
Over your network from your PC place the file in

I also changed the neogeo config file to use the bottom row of buttons and top right button on the alpha-cade, as neogeo only uses 4 buttons. You'll just have to delete the "neogeo_" part of the attached file's name and call it "retroarch.cfg" and drop it in.

When you setup up your controller through emulations station for the first time, you'll need to make “Coin 1” your select and most importantly DO NOT ENABLE HOTKEYS, it will double check with you but select “no”. You can use my attached picture for how I setup my other buttons through emulation station if you like.

By not enabling hotkeys it makes the “Menu/Exit” buttons exit the roms by acting as a keyboard’s “esc” key and “Select/pause” buttons will pause the roms by using the keyboards “p” key. I like this better because you use all the buttons on the alpha-cade and exiting roms is easy for family and friends to figure out.

Hopefully this gets you up and running with the image!





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Great, thanks again.  This will be a big help.

Does anyone know how to access the .attract/layout folder for attract mode?  Other images I am able to access and add more layouts to attract mode.  On this image and the original Wolfanoz when using Winscp I get the same "Error listing directory" no such directory.  I have tried searching in the different folders but cannot find.

Hi there, I'm a total noob but I want to say thanks because I love the image.

My problem is this, how do I exit games?  I have a Raspberry pi 3b+ with an IPAC2 board for my arcade cabinet controls.  No matter what button combo I try, I just can't seem to exit any game.  Is there a way to set up the controls a different way so there's a hotkey?  I'm really lost here.

Any help and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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