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Wolfanoz vs Colpipes No Intro

So I have a functional arcade cabinet with Colpipes No Intro, which claims 22,000 games at around how do the rom sets compare?

What's eating up all this space? Is it Daphne related video stuff or chds ? (which would be great)…? Anyone have this working and can compare the 2?

Thanks, DC

There is over a terabyte of ps2 games.

The difference is.... I own ColPipes.  😉  (Kidding, he puts out amazing stuff as well)

Went with a lot of PS2 since the majority of the games do work with PCSX2.   Xbox (CXBX) still needs some work so will wait until that's up to speed and do an addon with that and some of the obscure consoles people were looking for.  Otherwise, I feel it's mostly solid.  Nothing's perfect but I aim to get it mostly that way.


When life kicks you down, smile, get up and kick it back in the balls.

why are there errors from rar 1684 onwards how can i fix this i have downloaded this now 6 times i just cannot seem to work out the error


marksno1:  Not sure, it's fine for most folks getting this.  Could be something with torrent maybe?  Try downloading via NZB, it's the best way to get it anyway and it takes hours, not days, on a good connection.

When life kicks you down, smile, get up and kick it back in the balls.

Wolfanoz, I have got the files now took me about 4 days thanks.. Going to put them on a pc soon.  Still not sure what to do with all the files once downloaded.  Any chance of a brief guide?  Do we have to install bigbox and retroarch and copy and paste into folders or is there away to restore the backup thanks.

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