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When clicking link it brings up the hotlinking error. I saw someone recently posted something similar for another link. Tried everything possible (no adblock, no other extensions, different computers, different browsers. Does anyone have a link to this specific torrent. Thank you in advance.

Honestly I'd get the "256gb ODROID XU4 - Fully Loaded - Go Big or Go Home Image from Elliot - TheRA Base" (January 9, 2020). I've read a comment that the "Wolfanoz_400GB_XU4_Special" (December 3, 2018) emulator like the Amiga stuff doesn't work.

Thank you for the reply. I have that one already but haven't tried it out yet. The entire reason I bought the Odroid was for the  wolfanoz image. If anyone has a link to the image it would be greatly appreciated.

Your looking for a torrent for something released publicly on the 3rd December 2018 - well over a year ago ....

It'll be dead and long gone brother....

Here is a link to the torrent

Try the NZB instead, at least that is based on your Usenet retention. (More info on Usenet here)


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