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256gb Raspberry Pi 4 (4gb)(8gb)(400) Batocera v31 “RETRO PIRATE BOX #3" from hipp0
27 Posts
July 15, 2021 - 7:28 am

I listened to the feed back from Retro Pirate Box 1 & 2, and tried to make this a worthy update to the previous 2.
Squeezing all these larger files required removing some of the systems your more unlikely to play.
I finally learned how to add a MAME set, so I hope this MAME set pleases the Arcade crowd.
Many of the systems have updated rom sets + added roms. Not every rom has been checked so of course there will
be some failures.

I challenge everyone to improve on my setup to make it even better, maybe an expanded 512 gb version!

Changes 7/11/2021

-Removed AmstradCPC
-Removed AmigaCDTV
-Removed AmigaCD32
-Removed Amiga500/1200
-Removed MS-DOS
-Removed some 3DO games (Wing Commander)
-Removed a lot of NDS games (added different set)

-Added 59 Dreamcast games (fresh downloads converted from .GDI to .CHD)
-Added 82 Naomi games
-Added 2145 Mame games (updated for V31 Batocera Mame ver 0.229, Mame 2003 Plus Full Non Merged romset (reduced w/ Launchbox + Mature games left in)
-Added 1952 Final Burn Neo games + CPS1/CPS2/CPS3 (Total = 2,035 reduced w/ Launchbox + Mature games left in)
-Added 27 Atomiswave Games
-Added 69 Turbografx CD games (converted to .CHD)
-Added 39 Sega Saturn games (fresh downloaded from new 7z batch converted to .CHD)
-Added Capcom CPS1/CPS2/CPS3
-Added 5 video intro splash screens to boot up
-Added OPENBOR 72 games
-Added Neo Geo Pocket 8 games
-Added New Nintendo DS gaming set 175 games

-Updated Atari 5200 games
-Updated Dreamcast games
-Updated Nintendo DS games
-Updated Turbografx CD games
-Updated Neo Geo games (the set on #2 wasnt working)
-Updated Super Nintendo games (set wasn’t working .SMC > .7z roms)

-Changed default emulator PSX > Duckstation (press select to change)
-Changed Nintendo DS game set (the set that was on #2 had a lot of spanish games, so freed up some space using a smaller set)
-Changed .CDI Dreamcast format games > .GDI > .CHD
-Changed Sega Saturn .ZIP games > .CHD

-Fixed Supergrafx (had some TurboGrafx games in there)
-Fixed SuperNintendo (Previous rom set wasn’t being detected, updated the games.)
-Fixed Neo Geo (games weren’t working)

Batocera V31


3DO 44 games
SG-1000 79 games
MasterSystem 264 games
Genesis 880 games
Game Gear 257 games
Sega CD 52 games
Sega Saturn 39 games
Sega 32x 36 games
Dreamcast 59 games
Naomi 82 games
Atomiswave 27 games
Neo Geo 119 games
Neo Geo CD 87 games
Neo Geo Pocket 8 games
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Solarus 6 games
Playstation 194 Games
PSP 21 games
Amstrad GX 4000 24 games
Mame 2145 games
FinalBurn Neo 2035 games
Atari 2600 361 games
Atari 800 347 games
Atari 5200 96 games
Atari St 408 games
Atari 7800 57 games
Atari Lynx 75 games
WonderSwan 118 games
WonderSwan Color 117 games
ColecoVision 140 games
Odyssey2 87 games
Intellivision 140 games
Vectrex 23 games
TurboGrafx16 265 games
TurboGrafxCD 69 games
SuperGrafx 5 games
Game & Watch 59 games
NES 789 games
Family Disk System 264 games
Gameboy 527 games
Super Nintendo 945 games
Satellaview 244 games
Virtual Boy 24 games
Nintendo 64 299 games
Gameboy Color 517 games
Gameboy Advance 1004 games
Pokemon Mini 43 games
Nintendo DS 175 games
OPENBOR 72 games

Total Games = 13,768

Download Filezilla https://filezilla-project.org/ to upload your own games, or copy the directories after you mount the game to make your own version using my base.

Default FTP login: root password: linux (click network settings to find your IP/port 22 for SSH/FTP, if wifi isn’t working use ethernet to wake up the wlan)

To change the video bootscreens here is some https://batocera.org/videos/boot/ (add them to /userdata/splash/ if its not working add less, there are already 5 in there)

Overclock at your own risk, read forums before doing it or changing any developer settings to improve performance. (Everything is default)

Change Default password found in > System Settings > Security (so you dont get hacked)

Change the music by finding your own .OGG files add to /music

Kodi is a great place to stream movies/tv shows or add your own videos/movies if you need more space play some games some probably don’t work and just delete them to free up space, or remove games
you don’t like to create space.

When you PI shrink a microSD card it shrinks the total file size, you maybe able to expand it, but I am not sure how to do it. The best way would just be copy all the folders, install a fresh copy and copy
everything over with your own card (or larger sized card) This only takes a few hrs to copy everything. The total size was 228 gigs + some change. When I shrunk it down its now 225 gigs and some change. So not much space loss!  Free up space by removing games that don’t work or perform badly! Version 4 I would do more testing to remove bad games!

Get MSU1 SNES games working on this setup, if anyone can let me know in the thread! To make space just remove 3DO games 😮
*** Batocera settings I changed.
Basically I use the Next Level Theme, I use a 3:1 carousel display (I think) I use an instant transition. I turn off check Bios. I turn on the Screen Saver and increase it to 15 seconds. I turn on always show folders, and hide hidden files. There’s not much settings outside this I change if you’re looking to mimic my setup. I turn the main volume down to 90%. 


Download Torrent here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9h01oq5306adjmz/Retro_Pirate_Box_3_%2528hipp0%2529.img.torrent/file

ben smith
4 Posts
July 16, 2021 - 11:19 pm

this wont download.
says erroded couldnt write to file.

27 Posts
July 17, 2021 - 5:54 am

ben smith said
this wont download.

says erroded couldnt write to file.


What program are you using to write the image? Raspberry pi imager, etcher, win32 ? What brand of microSD are you using?


Did it not download or did it not write?


I burned the image and it worked well, I’ll have to wait and see if anyone else is having a problem because about 6 people have downloaded it so far.

27 Posts
July 17, 2021 - 7:06 am

Retro Pirate Box 3 (update this list if you come across something that doesn’t work)

Known Problems:

Sega Saturn: (Saturn was mostly added to fill space till I find a better system to replace it)
World Heroes Perfect (crashes system)
X-men Childred of Atom (doesn’t work)
Wipeout 2097 (performs badly)
Wipeout (freezes at start screen)
Virtual Fighter 2 (works but laggy)
Virtual Fighter (works but laggier than 2)
Sonic R (runs badly, playable but really bad)
Sonic Jam (crashes, runs bad)
Sega Rally (laggy, unplayable)
Rayman (crashes)
Radiant Silvergun (unplayable)


Hydrothunder ( tried multiple different .CDI/.GDI converted to .CHD none run except the .CDI using Flycast emulator and it runs very poorly https://www.mediafire.com/file/0u932b2nnmgat4y/Hydro_Thunder_%2528USA%2529%255BKalisto%255D.cdi/file not worth the download but here it is)



Tekken / Tekken 2 / 3 (no sound)

ben smith
4 Posts
July 17, 2021 - 10:51 pm

its not downloading at all, says corrupt.

27 Posts
July 17, 2021 - 11:23 pm

ben smith said
its not downloading at all, says corrupt.


Try to use a different torrent application. As there seems to be multiple people who’ve downloaded it completely so far, as there is 6 seeds.

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